(To the tune of Four Seasons in One Day – with apologies to Neil and Tim Finn)


Mercedes members meet again
Mitre 10 in old New Lynn
Chris is there along with Finn
Scooting along the motorway
The fun run is on its way

Missing turns left and right
Navigators’ shouts give drivers frights
Hoping not to miss the lights
Up the road and back again
Like four seasons in 1 day

Lids go up,
There’s rain, there’s rain
Watch the graph
It’s like four seasons in one day

Heading into Muriwai
Signs to watch the children fly
Now we are climbing up so high
Anything to avoid the rain
Taking over a carpark again

Birds take flight
There’s wind, there’s wind
Hold on tight
Because we are off again

Heading off to Scenic Drive
Torrential rain and wipers fly
Now we start to climb again
Lovely views along the way
If it wasn’t for the rain

Pulling into the Olive Bar
Time to eat, we’ve come so far
Having fun in our cars
This was all part of Trevs plan
Really must thank that man
We’ve had four seasons in one day

Chris buys port
That’s grand, that’s grand
Wind whips up
Like four seasons in one day

Rowena Hunt

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