All New Zealand Mercedes-Benz Clubs

New Zealand Club:

Mercedes-Benz Club of New Zealand Inc
This is the umbrella organisation for regional clubs and does not accept individuals as members. Responsible for liaison with Mercedes-Benz Germany, NZFOMC indemnity insurance, national/ international event support, and publication of BeNZscene the bi-monthly club magazine.
President: Richard Davison  Tel: 027 433 8940  Email: [email protected]
Correspondence: c/- 34 Belgrave Drive. Rangiora 7400


Mercedes-Benz Club Auckland
President: Mike Peters  Tel: 022 061 0711
Email: [email protected]
Full committee details on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website

New Members wanting to join a club outside Auckland should contact one of the following regional clubs:

Midland NI:

Mercedes-Benz Club Midland NI
President: Gary Lewis
Tel: 021 301 350 Email: [email protected]


Mercedes-Benz Club Manawatu
President: Frances Baxter
Tel: (021) 0229 3099  Email: [email protected]
Correspondence: 508A Church Street, Palmerston North


Mercedes-Benz Club Wellington
President: Graham Quinlan
Tel: (04) 234 7571 Email: [email protected]


Mercedes-Benz Club Canterbury
President: Richard Tait
Tel: (027) 777 8080  Email: [email protected]

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