It takes a special mind-set to polish our beautiful cars to their shiny Sunday-best for Show and Shine, knowing that within half an hour we would be roaring around a paddock in Dust and Dash.  Sunday May 10th saw us assembled in the carpark of the Auckland Vintage Car Club with our cars polished, buffed and ready to be judged.  A quick rain-shower necessitated a bit of a wipe-down before judging could commence.

The course started damp but was quickly dried out with some experimental skids and do-nuts and we were ready to begin.  Ken demonstrated the course and with a bit of squealing, laughing and arm-waving we were off.  All drivers had one practice lap followed by two timed laps over the first course and then it was time for lunch.  Thank you, Chris and Angelique, for the yummy lunch of barbecued sausages in bread and onion; a treat that has been sadly lacking since Covid stopped that Saturday morning fund-raising treat.

After lunch it was time for the second course and by now the track was well run-in, much dustier, the drivers more confident and the lap-times getting quicker as the day wore on.  Only one road-cone was damaged during the day 😊

It was very pleasing to see the number of Ladies taking the wheel and having a go.   A special mention must go to the coolest Grandparents, Kath and David Winn with William arriving to spend the day along with the family of new members Debbie & Chris Scullin, those temporarily re-assigned Mercs were pretty fast around the course.

It was a fabulous day enjoyed by all and it was really heartening seeing passengers and navigators leaping into cars for a joyride.  Thank you to all the judges, organisers, time-keepers and participants for a great day, I am really looking forward to the 2023 event.

Results and times are available below, we are fairly passionate about our racing as evidenced by the start-finish times being measured in 0.01 of a second.

Sue Iles

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