With a clear blue sky and a gentle breeze, a record number of 34 Mercedes vehicles took part in the popular Galaxy of Cars event held at Western Springs speedway. Under expert committee supervision we had the Mercedes marquee raised around 8am and from then onwards we saw an excellent turnout of Mercs in all size, shape and vintage.

The convertibles were immaculately presented by their proud owners for all to see, while sedans were polished to reflect the morning sun, some showing off a glossy new paint job. Also on display was a 1928 SSK replica, a 1953 170DS and a 1957 300SL that became the centre of attraction.

Those present voted to select the winners for our two ‘Best of Show’ awards, pre 1970 and post 1970. Prize getters received bottles of wine on the day and trophies will also be awarded to the winners at our annual prizegiving.

Pre 1970 Winner: 1957 300SL by Garry Boyce
Runner up: 1953 170DS by Harindra Pilapatiya.
Post 1970 Winner: 1978 450SL by Simon George
Runner up: 1987 190E by Rosemary Glenn

We appreciated the strong show of support from the members that showed up for this charitable event during the early hours on a Sunday morning and we hope to see an equally larger number of vehicles on display for this event again in 2015. This year the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand is the well deserving charity chosen by the New Lynn Lions Foundation to benefit from the event proceeds. A special thank you to Bill Bray for his welcome BBQ efforts and to all the Mercedes Benz Club members present on this days’ event. Well done!

Baji Antia