The theme this year was “BACK TO THE FUTURE” so we did some thinking! We decided for our Auckland Club display that we could use four beautiful cars from the 1950s and pair them up with their modern equivalents. Barbara and Greg Lokes had made up some attractive hoops to combine the pairs.

We started with Ross Dowie’s lovely dark red and cream 1957 220S saloon and parked it alongside Grant Chester’s shiny black 2007 S63 AMG saloon.

Next was Colin Carran’s lovingly restored light red 1957 190SL Sports, alongside David Morris’s late shape silver 2011 SLK200 Sports.

Then we had Ken Williams’ beautiful red 1958 220S Convertible alongside Brian Hood’s immaculate champagne 2004 CLK 240 Convertible.

Finally we had Garry Boyce’s magnificent silver 1957 300SL Roadster lined up with Alan Moye’s stunning white 2013 SLS 6.3 Roadster.

What a fantastic sight! You could immediately see the huge differences in the cars and the changes in technology over 50-60 years. Everyone who visited the stand were most impressed.

We had our Mercedes marquee erected with chilled water on the go and Bill Bray serving yummy sausages from the BBQ. There was a good coffee stand nearby.

There were about 70 other Club displays, with about 700 cars, to explore (if you had time). The weather was kind to us so a good day was had by all!

Ken Williams