It was a Saturday like any other Auckland Saturday, navigating road cones, tossing tennis balls and avoiding hitting poles. Except this was a Driving Skills Saturday at the Albany Stadium car park.

The first event was ‘Balls Up’ which involved transferring tennis balls from one bucket to another. Sounds simple but it wasn’t. Let’s just say the balls did not want to co-operate.

The second challenge was ‘Around the World for Last Drinks’ which immediately peaked my interest and one I felt I had a shot at (pardon the pun)! The driver was required to circle a cone twice and then proceed to a drink station to skull what appeared to be a glass of water or a very weak gin. Then reverse back around the final cone before heading to the finish line.

The final event was ‘Pole Position’, where you were required to stop as close to a pole as possible in one movement. Philippa was there with her trusty tape measure to record how close you were or weren’t to the pole. Ken West surprised everyone with his judgement of distance. In fact congratulations goes to Ken as the overall winner of all three events.

It was interesting to see a wide variety of driving skills on display, from ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ to ‘Mad Max’ and everything in between!

It was such a great morning to spend with friends, road cones, tennis balls and poles and all over by lunch time leaving the rest of the day for chores.

A big thanks to Mike, Deepa, Sue and Philippa for organising and helping to run a fun event.

Chris ‘Skilless’ Haliday


Congratulations to Ken West, Richard Foulkes and Cornelius Boertjens as overall winners, and to Pree Lecamwasam for winning the Balls Up challenge.

Check out the full results here