Saturday morning turned out to be a glorious sunny morning despite the forecasted rain. When we arrived at the meeting point in Greenlane the MR2 club was already there decorating their cars. One of the MR2 has a Christmas tree strapped to the boot! There were 13 Mercs getting dressed and it was great to have a chat with the MR2 people. They left around 11 am and we had a delayed departure at 11:30am to avoid a traffic jam.

We had a leisurely drive to VisonWest via Hillsborough-Green Bay and Titirangi. There were some hold ups at traffic lights. I had the pleasure of following Cornelius and Linda’s beautiful AMG GT. I enjoyed the soundtrack of the car during down shifts.

We arrived almost bang on time at VisonWest at our reserved parking space where we were joined on site by Steven Bailey, so we had total of 14 cars.

MR2 club had their cars lined up opposite us. Everyone had put in a lot of effort to dress up the cars. We added our toys to the growing pile of toys that will no doubt delight the kids who receive them for Christmas.

VisonWest provides needy families with multiple levels of support providing wraparound support to help transform lives including, housing, educational support, mentoring, financial guidance and Christmas club. The Christmas club provides Christmas cheer, and the donations help to fill empty fridges and pantries and gift toys for children who will otherwise miss out. We agreed that it was a special privilege to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Paul and the MR2 club were welcoming and put on barbeque and food including lots of cake. The Judging panel picked their top 3 decorated cars. Our own Ken Williams with his beautiful and elegantly decorated MB220 was judged the best car. There was also a people’s choice award and Ken’s MB220 won first place in that category. Massive congrats to Ken.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and definitely worth repeating in 2024.

Pree Lecamwasam

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