The presidents report looks to the year passed,

and I have to say it’s been a blast.

Although sometimes Covid kept us separated,

overall, we were well catered.

I’ll list the events in good time,

hopefully I can make them rhyme.


A year ago, we were here,

the AGM to start the year.

July, competition had its way,

first 10 pins, then a Puke track day.

August, the points were tallied up,

to see who got a prize giving cup.

September on, a covid cloud of gloom,

saw the Ocktoberfest held on zoom.

November, attendee numbers set at 25,

to Kawakawa Bay we did a drive.

December under the orange traffic light,

the Santa run was an amazing sight.

Late January we had a Puhoi run,

before covid again stopped the fun.

In February covid threw more blows,

and halted the 2 Auckland car shows.

March, we were finally free,

Hampton Downs then Ladies high tea.

April saw a new mish mash,

with a show & shine then a dirt & dash.

The rain paused in the middle of May,

so, the Top Down tour had it’s day.

Then the National AGM under Wellington skies,

Saw the baton pass to the Canterbury guys.

Finally, the other week we all set forth,

For a fantastic weekend up north.

I want to say ‘thanks’ to all you folks,

for the good times and lots of jokes.

And although I will no longer be ‘chair’,

I’ll still be around, just look for the hair!

Barbara Lokes

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