What a truly pleasant day to take a wander in West Waikato.

A rather cool spring day, saw 21 cars depart the start, and get on their way.

It was down the highway and onto a by-way.

Two farmers leaned on the fence and muttered. “look at those fine Mercedes, both classic and new, I wonder where they are off to”.

The members and friends, all 39 of them, took to the curves and the Benz.

The road was navigated and a few obstacles noted.

When a pheasant took cover, whilst a Muscovy duck watched over, the cars continued on.

Some rights and some lefts, past the wind farm, nothing to stop for here.

Over the crest of a hill, we saw the flashing lights both red and blue, it’s ok the heavy footed few, were back in the queue.

Raglan, a rather quaint little town, had now come into view. With colourful shops, we looked for parks, as this was our stop.

A blue building beckoned, and we all piled into the Wyld eatery & bar. Where we all found a seat, then ordered drinks and something to eat.

Club President Mike, took the floor to congratulate and acknowledge the 30 years plus membership of Vivien and Harold Decker and Trish and Lloyd Marx, presenting commemorative gold name badges.

But there was also something else. I spied a rather large chocolate mud cake, with lashings of icing.

Atop a small patch of green, a G-wagon and tow rope to a Red Mercedes Benz. And candles to blow. Made by a clever Sue for the event.

A birthday celebration within the group for the planner of today’s event, thank you Trevor.

The candles were blown, and the cake was cut. A moist slice of delight was shared about.

Then off to the shops, maybe some surfing or to check out a local spot. So many things to do, perhaps watch an artist or just stop to listen the buskers.

All too soon we are back on our way, leaving Raglan to visit another day. Road trips are fun, but more so with like minded company.


Karran Willson

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