Lifestyle blocks, big barns and old cars. It does not get any better than this. A few lucky cars do not get terminated but live on in Franklin County. 31 adventurous members sallied forth to investigate. Starting point [after coffee] was the Rex Benn’s emporium. Rex bought a 1929 Austin 7 for 50 pounds in 1962 and still has it 2200 miles latter. And he has all sorts of other stuff, including MGs, a very cute Model T Ford [twist his arm and he will sell it], bicycles, outboard motors, toys, a pair [brace? Set?] of whale bone corsets, a 1952 English Heala Ray, that treats pimples, nerves, constipation, asthma, varicous veins, perfidity etc scientifically, and much more. A scenic drive on and we were at the Barry Philips [mini racer of the 60s and 70s and trucker] collection. Saw only one mini, a moke, many trucks, utes, Jags, a very impressive lineup of bowsers and signage. Be very careful you don’t get the museum bug Barry, Franklin is not big enough for two Heala Rays! Next stop was at Gary Langstones, whose wife bakes a very nice muffin. An eclectic collection of cars. A1936 Climax powered 4 wheeler Morgan raced at Nürnberg and Monte Carlo, a 1930 aluminium bodied Rolls Royce by Hooper [a barn find] a 3773cc 1913 Overland, holder of the NZ speed record at 73 mph, a very sweet little Rover 9 1925 [Gary found the original numbered oil can and horn on trade me after buying the car!] a 1949 Mk 6 4 ¼L Bentley, [another barn find]. An Alvis Grey Lady, a 1930 straight 8 Studebaker and is currently working on a Model A Ford Phaethon [possibly his favourite, you can buy everything for it] and a 105 year old Unic with original paint and leather upholstery! We then popped next door to Wim LeRoys. Wim has a thing about Lancias. He cornered the Fulvia market in Western Europe and now he and his son is doing the same here. He is doing Zagartos too and has a very rare aluminium bodied 2 ½ L coupe stripped down in his shed. Just for fun he has a 4 wheel farm bike renovation underway. Every year I have thought we must have exhausted the supply of fascinating garages, but now I realise we never will, as long as we have garaging we will have interesting stuff in it. Long live the motorcar! Graeme Collie.
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