Take a glorious autumn day, a large flat pasture and a good representation of beautiful Mercedes from across the decades, throw in a handful of enthusiastic Club members, stir well together with plenty of dust and you have the quintessential Grass Gymkhana. Thirteen Mercedes Benz rolled into David Winn’s neat and tidy paddock and twenty enthusiastic members tumbled out keen to get their instructions and run the gauntlet of orange cones and marker sticks. Our treasurer Brian Hood and his lovely Lyn had planned some interesting courses for us, assisted by Graeme Collie, David Wynn and Andrew Campbell . The courses tested both man and machine and rewarded those who put their faith in ABS and power-steering. Thirteen Mercedes Benz, 20 attendees, 16 competitors, put their faith in their Mercs, pedals to the metal and spun the wheel. And the winners were:
– 1st Brian Hood
– 2nd Andrew Campbell
– 3rd Ian Fletcher
– 4th David Wynn
– 5th Rod Klarwill
– 6th Lyn Hood
To see pictures of this fun filled day, click here.