The BP at Drury, our meeting place, was Car Club Central that Sunday morning.  Jaguar, noisy Holdens, Porsche, motor bikes and us, filled the carpark.

Chris, our Club Captain, gave us the route, keeping part of it back, as he did not think we were up to it.  (Probably right there!) Election hang-over I think he said!!

We set off, about 9 or so cars, and headed by a circuitous route to the Bay View Hotel at Kaiaua!  The instructions were typed to perfection, and the questions perfectly legitimate enquiries.  I can only speak for myself and my driver (who may wish to remain anonymous) but we got lost, by not finding Hillview Road, a turn-off from Ararimu Road.

From then onwards we enjoyed a lovely drive to Magatawhiri Road, and then onto Kaiaua, by which time we arrived nice and early at the Hotel.

Everyone eventually arrived at the venue.  Angelique marked the paperwork, with Barbara and Greg winning one prize, and Jennifer and Tim the other.  Everyone else shared their stories, or made excuses, as the case may be.

We were joined by a new member – Hunter, with his 280CE, 1978?  He told us the car had been driven by his grand-mother, and his mother, which is a lovely connection.  Great to see someone new to the club, and young as well!

There were plenty of motor bikes, parked up in the Hotel Garden Area, so talk was interrupted by comings and goings.  Can’t be too careful these days can you!

Thanks to Chris, (more than ably supported by Angelique), for running the event.  They did well, even to organizing the sunny Spring day we enjoyed.

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Marianne H