Despite being the standing secretary, this was my first AGM (having been co-opted to the position in August last year) and I had no idea quite what to expect. Getting there was a breeze – where was all the motorway traffic? We were greeted with a neon sign ‘Mercedes-Benz Club’ then an arrow directing us around the bend. Once we’d driven around we found that this was the main entrance where everyone was parked. Once inside, signs directed us to a side room with a lovely roaring fire, there was also a bar and at the far end a buffet dining area. Long tables meant we could all sit together. Counting ourselves, we had 28 people attend and we all enjoyed the very reasonably priced dinners – $12.00 for a buffet with roast pork, or choose off the menu – very good value indeed.

After dinner we moved on to the business part of the evening and we quickly moved through reports, the election of committee officers, farewelling Thomas Muller, who is stepping down after many years on the committee holding various positions, and welcoming our new editor Alison Lambden and new Treasurers Harald & Vivian Decker. We also now have a Club Captain, Chris Haliday, a position that was vacant last year, and Membership Secretary Brian Hood. We still don’t have a President, David Winn having stepped down after three years in the role, but that will be decided at the next committee meeting – doors locked until it’s resolved! General business saw some discussion on the National Club level setup and the Club Magazine format, also ideas on the ever-present desire to grow membership numbers.

An hour after we started the meeting was closed, and we all relaxed with drinks from the bar before heading home after an all-in-all pleasant evening.

Barbara Lokes (now officially elected) Secretary