Auckland Mercedes Club members were treated to a unique experience this month. Not many people have ever heard of West Wind Cinema in Avondale, let alone tried to find it down an obscure driveway that leads to an eclectic mix of curios and out buildings. However that is what awaited those who ventured out, willing to experience things that are just plain different.

Perhaps that is what I appreciate the most about Mercedes Club events – the people! A mix of folks who share a common love of life and all the uniqueness that a quality car can transport you to.

The West Wind cinema evening offered first up an old fashioned roast, prepared on an original wood-burner stove by a couple of real characters, owner John and sidekick Clint! The meal was fabulous and seconds were a popular option by those who couldn’t get enough.

Once the appetite was satisfied, it was time to settle into the cosy chairs in the private on-site theatre for a movie, complete with a box of smarties and of course, ice cream in a cone. The featured movie ‘Limitless’, an American thriller starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro, proved a real hit with everyone. It was like a trip back in time for most of us and an enjoyable evening albeit a little unusual.

As we travel through life I have come to realise that it is the simple things in life, shared with like-minded people that makes for worthwhile memories.

Roll on the next event!
Chris Haliday