This year’s date of the annual Concourse d’Elegance happened to be Valentine’s Day, the dream date for any flower merchant or flower retailer but possibly a compromise to any car enthusiast struggling with his priorities – “should I stay (home) or should I go….”

The weather was very uncooperative with high humidity, low clouds and several bursts of rain, so not in favour of cars which were honed and buffed to perfection for this day! However this did improve as the day went on.

Our club’s display was simple yet stylish – 5 classic 190SLs in a semi-circular display decorated with a red bow and roses matching the theme “A Valentines Gift”, which is so appropriate for the day.

We are proud of having achieved a record first for presenting 5 classic 190SLs in one place at once, out of a total of 9 190SLs in the club, and the club would like to thank the owners for making the effort to achieve this result!!

The display would have looked even more astonishing with the hard- and soft-tops down had the weather been more cooperative. The Marque tent was a welcome shelter to socialize with lots of visitors whether they were proud Mercedes-Benz cars owners or potential owners of classic cars and interested in our club’s activities.

I think it is awesome that our club manages to present every year to the public a different display with a different variety of Mercedes-Benz’s motor cars.

To see the wonderful little cars all dressed up and looking very pretty indeed, click here.