A great Auckland day, great people, fun activity, great food and a superb setting all combine to make for an entertaining and satisfying club day out for our members. This year’s gymkhana will unfortunately be the last at Chelsea Farm. The property has been sold and next year will see us at a new venue – all members must give this some thought, please. Meanwhile, many grateful thanks to David and Kath Winn for the loan of their beautiful property for the last few gymkhanas held here.

The event itself attracted around 30 members and 18 cars. Not all partook in driving the gymkhana courses, preferring instead to be side-line commentators offering plenty of advice. And, in a number of cases, providing the very necessary passenger ballast for overpowered cars driven by over enthusiastic lead-booted drivers. There were the usual culprits who appeared not to understand the course, instead determining their own route that often included 360-degree turns, and on one occasion, a solid 720-degree churn on Mr Winn’s lovely grass paddock. It is probably best that individuals not be specifically identified.

It should be noted from the final results that identical cars took the first three places overall for the day’s events. The cars were matching in colour and appeared to carry the same number plate. On checking with NZ Transport Authority, it appears that in fact this aberration was a result of the misdoings of one Mr Kenneth Williams, whom the sharp spotting observer will note, actually collected the top prize. One can only wonder how this could occur. Each time this car went out, the number of onlookers diminished only to be found stacked inside the winning car – several found lying across the back seat! If this vehicle was judged to be disqualified, then goodness knows who would have been judged the rightful winner! Who was driving that lovely E280 again? Goodness me.

Congratulations are in order to the winners, with special mention of Mrs Hood who did a superb job driving, retiring after each run to return to her chief adjudicator role. Well done too to Brian and Ken for the course set-up. An excellent job, enjoyed by all.

Those that could not be present missed a treat. Special mention should be made of our visitors from the Southland Club, Damien and Noémie, and several prospective new members most of whom ‘had a go’, and to members Frank and Lyn Parker who came down from Whangarei for the event, both showing great skills on the course. Well done and well done to all.

Final Placings :
1st – Ken Williams – 420SEC – Time: 132.6
2nd – Lynn Hood – 420SEC – Time: 142.4
3rd – Brian Hood – 420SEC – Time: 143.1

Bill Bray